What to Bring

User Supplied Consumables

  • 2TB+ hard drive (new or to be reformatted by staff)


  • Frequent users should supply their own Vitrobot tweezers (available from Ted Pella)


  • Autogrid box (optional)

See our EM Suppliers page for more information on purchasing consumables.


For freezing you will need to bring your sample, your grids, gridboxes, and your vitrobot tweezers if you have them. Please also bring a container that can be used for liquid nitrogen (e.g. Styrofoam box, dewar) to transfer your samples to your storage. Users are responsible for storing their own samples.


For imaging please bring your stored grids. You will be charged for each Autogrid used. If you wish to store your samples after they have been clipped into Autogrids, please provide an Autogrid storage box. Bring your hard drive for data transfer during collection.