New User Guide

  1.  Consultation
    • Email to discuss your experiment and whether the facility can provide appropriate services for your needs.
  2.  Fill out a sample request form
  3.  Submit an open JV to Suzette de Jesus
    • Internal users should submit a signed, open JV to, telling her that it is for the HRMEM facility.
  4. Register with iLab to be able to view the instrument schedules
  5. Buy the supplies you will need
  6.  Vitrobot training
    • Schedule a training session to learn how to use the Vitrobot.
    • We can freeze samples for you but we recommend that regular users undergo training to enable independent use.
  7.  Freeze grids
    • Freeze up to 11 grids for screening.
  8.  Screening session/ Screening training
    • Schedule a screening session to look at your samples.
    • During this screening session we can carry out training so that you can learn to screen grids independently.
    • It may take multiple screening sessions to find a good condition.
  9.  Data collection/ EPU training
    • Schedule an overnight data collection session.
    • During the setup for data collection we can carry out a training for using the EPU software for automated data collection .
  10.  Data Analysis
    • The user will analyse the data themselves.


Please read our ‘What to Expect’ page for more information about the project workflow.