The facility is able to provide instrumentation to take cryo-EM projects from the initial screening stage through to data collection for high resolution structures. We have three microscopes as well as equipment for sample preparation.




We are equipped with a 120kV Talos microscope with a Ceta camera. This microscope is ideal for screening of negative stain samples to address the viability of a sample.




Our 200kV Glacios microscope has a Falcon III camera. This microscope can accomadate up to 11 cryo-EM samples for screening and exploratory data collection. The Glacios is also available for high-resolution data collection where applicable.




We have a state-of-the-art 300kV FEI Titan Krios with a Falcon III camera. This microscope is prioritized for high-resolution, multi-day data collection.


Sample Preparation


We have two Vitrobot Mark VI robots for sample vitrification. We also have a Solarus II plasma cleaner for grid preparation. Sample preparation equipment is located in a climate controlled low humidity room to minimise contamination of samples during preparation.