Booking and Training

Please email Claire at to set up a training or request microscope time. Before we can accept your sample for either screening or data collection, you must submit a project request form to allow us to assess feasibility of the project.


  • The Vitrobot is available for 2 sessions per day, either 9 a.m. -12 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. With permission the Vitrobots may be used after hours.
  • Users must be finished with the Vitrobot by the end of their session time so it can defrost and dry for the next user.
  • If the user is not finished with the Vitrobot on time they will be charged for two sessions.
  • The priority for the Glacios is screening and initial data collection; the priority for the Krios is full day data collection.
  • Grids for multi-day data collections must be pre-approved.
  • One weekend booking per lab can be held at any one time.

Booking is managed through iLab via the Life Sciences Institute Imaging. You will need to request an iLab account to be able to book. Krios and Glacios booking requests will be confirmed by the facility. Vitrobot and Talos booking is available for trained users.

After booking a screening session, confirm how many grids you will be screening by submitting an AutoGrid request in the iLab ‘Request Services’ tab.

Use the iLab ‘Request Services’ tab to request training.