Users must supply their own grids and grid boxes

Users are responsible for storing their own grids

Users must supply a hard drive for transferring data

All hard drives (unless brand new in packaging) will be reformatted by the facility staff prior to data transfer

Data MUST be transferred in a timely manner

Once data has been transferred the facility will no longer bear responsibility for storing the data- PLEASE make sure you keep a redundant backup of all your data as we assume no responsibility for data loss in the event of data workflow issues

Users are responsible for analyzing their own data

The facility does not currently provide analysis workstations, please do not use the computers in the microscope control room for your data analysis

Facility staff cannot analyse data on behalf of users, but are available for questions and consultation

We recommend these computing resources

We recommend these analysis software packages

Before users are allowed to schedule bookings they must demonstrate their project is appropriate for cryo-EM using the sample proposal form

Booking of screening sessions is prioritised by project feasibility

Data collection sessions will be scheduled on a priority basis depending on project feasibility, quality of grids, initial data, and wait time

Vitrobot use is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis after project approval

The Vitrobot is available for half-day sessions, either 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

You finish using the Vitrobot by the end of your booked session, or you will be charged for 2 sessions

All training must be done by facility staff

Preparation and loading of autogrids will be done by facility staff, not users

Staff will designate users as super-users when they are satisfied the user can operate the microscope software without supervision.

Users must undergo training from facility staff in order to independently use the Vitrobot

Users must undergo training from staff in order to set up data collections and screen grids independently

Trained super-users can set up data collection and carry out screening on behalf of other members of their group but are NOT permitted to train other users.

Users may not enter the microscope room

Appropriate PPE must be worn when handling liquid ethane and liquid nitrogen

No food in the control room

If working alone, users must notify another person of their whereabouts